SeeSnake Support:Home/How do I change job names in HQ?

To change job names individually, simply right-click the job name from the main HQ job list and select Rename Job.

This can also be done in an open job from the HQ Edit Tab, in the Name Field, under Job Information.

HQ open job rename

If you want to change the default naming format in HQ on job import, you can go to the HQ Job Settings. See the picture below.


There are 5 choices for your job name on import:

  1. Job Start Time – Uses the time you started the job as the name of the job.
  2. Customer Name – Uses the customer name you input in the field from your SeeSnake equipment.
  3. Street Address – Uses the customer address you input in the field from your SeeSnake equipment.
  4. Equipment Name – Uses the name of the SeeSnake Equipment you used to perform the inspection.
  5. Custom Name – Uses any naming parameter you choose.

*NOTE – If you select “Change media file names to job on import”, all your associated job media will contain the specified job name.


Examples of all the different job name options as they appear in HQ are shown below.

HQ job name options