SeeSnake Support:Home/Why am I unable to open some jobs, why is there a lock icon, or why are job files corrupt when I try to import them into HQ?
  • Even if you are using new USB thumb drives, they can be the source of corrupt files or read-only jobs during HQ job imports.
  • For good practice, please format all USB thumb drives to FAT32 format before the first use and regularly after that.
  • When HQ shows corrupt jobs/files, you can use the built in Windows Check Disk utility to repair them on the USB thumb drive, and then try to re-import the jobs into HQ. See the picture below for Check Disk instructions. This is done outside of HQ, in Windows.


  • Sometimes simply deleting the job in HQ and then and re-importing it from the USB thumb drive will work.
  • If there is missing media in your job, there is a built in HQ utility to recover job media. To use this, In an open HQ job from the top left toolbar, click Tools > Recover Job Media.
  • Battery or power interruptions/fluctuations on recording equipment or loose USB thumb drive plug-in connections can also cause corrupt files.
  • If you see a padlock icon HQ_readonly on your job, it means that job is read-only and sometimes cannot be opened or edited in HQ. This is usually caused by one of two things:
  • A bad USB thumb drive (see instructions above for repair/reformat options), or use a different thumb drive.
  • HQ might not have access to the job space (where the job files are stored on your computer) or the job space location has been moved.
  • You can create or change HQ job space. See the FAQ in this list that explains HQ Job Space.
  • The default location where HQ jobs are stored on your computer is in the following directory: C:\ProgramData\SeeSnake\SeeSnakeHQ\Jobs
  • Make sure HQ and you as a user on that computer have access/security permission to access the above directory. See your IT pro for access or try to run HQ as Administrator.
  • If you right-click on any job from the main HQ job listing screen, select properties to show you the location of where that job is stored on your device.