SeeSnake Support:Home/DVD or Job Export Issues in HQ.

Typically when there is a DVD or Job Exporting problem it is caused by one following things:

  • A hardware issue with the DVD burner on your computer. We recommend installing SeeSnake HQ on a different computer and try to burn a job onto a DVD to determine if it is a DVD burner hardware issue.
  • A media issue. Confirm that you are using compatible blank DVD’s for your DVD burner. Also USB Thumb drives can malfunction over time, so reformat and replace them at regular intervals.
  • A file issue. Confirm that your job or video files are not too large for the DVD disc’s capacity. In addition, make sure proper shutdown procedures are used on your equipment so all media is saved correctly.
  • A virus scanner, different DVD burning software, or other resource intensive application is running at the same time as SeeSnake HQ. Please temporarily shut down any of these programs the next time you try to burn a DVD in SeeSnake HQ.
  • Certain AMD Vision Computer Processors cause issues with video transcoding. We recommend computers equipped with Intel processors.
  • If you wish to use a different program to copy your media and videos (in MP4 or AVI format) with, simply drag and drop the videos and pictures in HQ from the left hand column of an open job to your windows desktop or other location on your computer so that you may burn them to disk using other software or put them on a USB thumb drive. You can also right-click a job from the main HQ screen and choose “Export Media”. The videos are usually in MP4 or AVI format.
  • There are many other options besides DVD to deliver your reports. Please see the HQ online manual for instructions on distributing HQ job reports here: Distributing HQ Job Reports