To share jobs between multiple machines such as a desktop and laptop computer you can use a common shared location such as a shared drive or network location.

  • You first have add JobSpace in HQ.
  • In HQ choose “Add Job Space” from the toolbar on both computers by right-clicking on your Job Space or Computer nickname in HQ.
  • In the selection window that appears, choose a folder from the shared location that both computers have access to.
  • HQ will find and add the jobs from the shared location on both machines.
  • When these computers are both connected to the shared location, they can open, delete and manipulate the jobs in this location.
  • If a computer is brought into the field away from the shared location, the shared location will appear locked.
  • The jobs in this location cannot be opened or edited but will show up in the job space list so that the user knows which ones are offline.
  • Once new jobs have been created on a computer in the field and brought back into the office where the shared location is, the offline job space will unlock and the user can simply drag and drop any new jobs into the shared location or cut/copy and paste them using the right click menu.
  • The same goes for editing a job in the field, if the user needs to edit a job outside the office, create a copy on the laptop Jobs job space, edit it and then copy the newly edited version to the shared location once the location is online.
  • Using these methods should prevent jobs from becoming fragmented and missing sessions and media when manually copied over from one location to another.  HQ needs to be aware of the changes made to jobs to properly maintain the file locations.

DO NOT edit job data outside of HQ!

Change the default Job Space:

  • To change the default location of where your jobs are stored, right-click on the jobs folder and select “Change Location”
  • Select the location or folder on your device where you want jobs to be saved to.