SeeSnake® TruSense™ Camera Reels

A lineup of CSx series monitors

SeeSnake CS12x, CS65xr, CS65x, CS6x Versa, CS6x, and CS6xPak

An image of some of our SeeSnake inspection system products.

SeeSnake Inspection Systems

SeeSnake HQx Live Mobile App

SeeSnake HQ® Desktop Software

An image of some of our utility locating devices.

Utility Locating

SeeSnake and SeekTech Repair

Our technicians are certified factory experts at servicing all RIDGID diagnostics, inspection, and locating products. SeeScan’s Repair service restores all your equipment to factory standards with genuine RIDGID parts. Our Repair department aims to makes it easy to manage the entire process, from getting a cost estimate to shipping or dropping off your equipment. We will get your equipment back in the field as quickly as possible.

Product Support

Our support line is here to help guide you with any questions you may have regarding the use of our equipment or software. We have experts in the use of all of our RIDGID SeeSnake, SeekTech, and NaviTrack equipment, as well as HQ for Windows and HQx Live for Android and iOS software. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our product support line at: 1-888-477-5339.