Industry leading products deserve industry leading service, and because we know these tools are your livelihood, we are passionate about ensuring that every customer that walks through our doors leaves 100% satisfied.

Over 16 Years of Professional Factory Direct
RIDGID Servicing Experience

Our technicians are certified factory experts at servicing all RIDGID diagnostics, inspection, and locating products. SeeScan’s Repair service restores all your equipment to factory standards with genuine RIDGID parts. Our Repair department aims to makes it easy to manage the entire process, from getting a cost estimate to shipping or dropping off your equipment. We will get your equipment back in the field as quickly as possible.

A Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Complete customer satisfaction is our guiding principle and overall goal. We have and will continue to maintain that principle by hiring smart, motivated people and providing thorough, ongoing training.

We capture customer feedback and strive to continually improve in every area of service we can on a daily basis. We know it’s our customers that make us successful, so it’s our job to continue helping you to be successful by getting you what you need at a fair price.

About SeeSnake and SeekTech Diagnostics Equipment

RIDGID diagnostic, inspection, and locating products are your tools of choice as a professional plumber, contractor, or utility locating technician. RIDGID SeeSnake cameras and monitors are the industry standard for ruggedness and performance, delivering the ability to inspect and diagnose pipes with clarity and precision.

RIDGID SeekTech locators and transmitters deliver faster, easier locates with patented omni-directional antennas, which make it easier to accurately trace a buried utility’s path. When paired together, RIDGID Location and Inspection equipment allows you to precisely diagnose and locate a target line or pinpoint an area of pipe that needs repair with speed, accuracy and confidence.

For more information about how to demo or purchase RIDGID SeeSnake and Seektech diagnostic, inspection, and locating product lines, visit the official RIDGID site.