Stream Inspection Media Directly to Your Mobile Device

HQx Live is a free app that works with your SeeSnake® CSx Series monitors and the CSx Via, allowing you to share inspections with your customers. Available on iOS and Android, HQx Live provides second screen flexibility, giving you the ability to stream live video directly to a mobile device. You can also capture and share photos, PhotoTalk media, and video.

HQx Live can connect to your monitor over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Connecting over Wi-Fi allows you to stream video, capture media, and remotely control the monitor functions, such as camera brightness and the sonde. With Bluetooth, you can remotely control the monitor while maintaining a separate Wi-Fi connection for data transfer.

Keep your equipment up-to-date with HQx Live over-the-air updating, which allows you to update your CSx series devices wirelessly as new software is released.

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HQx Live Topics

HQx Live Mobile App

HQx Live is the free companion app for RIDGID® SeeSnake® CS6x, CS6xPak, CS65x, and CS12x monitors. The app lets you turn your mobile device into a second screen where you can stream inspection footage, capture and share media, and remotely control the monitor.

Text Overlay – HQx Live

In HQx Live, the text overlay feature allows you to add information about the job like the job address or customer name directly on top of the media.

Managing Jobs in HQx Live

Learn how to create, edit, and delete jobs in the HQx Live mobile app for SeeSnake CSx Wi-Fi enabled inspection monitors.

PhotoTalk Overview

How to capture PhotoTalk media on CSx Wi-Fi enabled monitors, the CS65, and the HQx Live mobile app.

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