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PhotoTalk Overview

Read this article to learn how to capture PhotoTalk media on SeeSnake® CS65x, CS65xr CS6x, CS6xPak, CS6x Versa, and CS12x monitors, as well as the HQx Live mobile app.

What is PhotoTalk?

PhotoTalk media combines audio commentary with a single image file in an email-friendly format. This allows you to capture inspection highlights at a fraction of the size of standard video.

How to Use PhotoTalk

CSx Monitors and the CS65

The photo key captures photos and PhotoTalk media. The first time you press it, the monitor asks you to configure the photo key. You can choose to capture a photo with a short press (<1 second) and a PhotoTalk with a long press (>3 seconds) or vice versa.

To change the default (short press) photo key behavior, go to the Menu. Under User profile settings, select Photo key action.

Photo key

HQx Live App

Tap the PhotoTalk icon to capture PhotoTalk media. Tap the check mark to complete the capture or the trash can to discard it.

PhotoTalk icon

CSx Via LEDs

The CSx Via’s LEDs communicate booting and Wi-Fi connectivity statuses.

CSx Via Mount

The CSx Via Mount accessory allows you to use the CSx Via with the SeeSnake Standard and Mini camera reels.

HQx Dock

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® HQx Dock is a tablet mounting device for convenient screen viewing while performing inspections with the HQx Live mobile app or SeeSnake HQ.

Video Playback

Learn how to play back recorded videos on SeeSnake CSx monitors.

Quick Access Menus

Learn how to use the Quick Access menus on SeeSnake CS65x, CS65xr, CS6x, CS6xPak, CS6x Versa and CS12x monitors for pipe inspections.