How to View the SeeSnake Camera Reel Odometer

The odometer lets you know the total cable distance pushed over the life of the RIDGID SeeSnake camera reel. This article lets you know how to access the odometer with a SeeSnake monitor.

How to view the odometer on SeeSnake camera reels with TruSense

  1. Select the Menu button.
  2. Scroll down to TruSense, reel details.
  3. Select Show More to view the odometer.
  4. Odometer Distance displayed.

Note: Odometer distance is only shown when a TruSense camera reel is detected using a CSx monitor with software running version 1430 or later. To update your monitor’s software, click here.

How to view the odometer on SeeSnake camera reels with the CountPlus accessory/counter keypad reels

Note: For reels with a CountPlus, the odometer can be found in the information field accessed within the menu. The information option will be identified with the lowercase letter i

  1. Press the Menu icon on the CountPlus.
    CountPlus menu icon
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to Information (the letter ‘i’).
    i on CountPlus menu
  3. Once Information is selected, the odometer will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

How to view the odometer on SeeSnake camera reels with CountIR

  1. Press the two outside buttons on the CountIR keypad.
  2. The blue screen that appears shows the odometer’s total  distance.
    countIR keypad buttons

CSx Via LEDs

The CSx Via’s LEDs communicate booting and Wi-Fi connectivity statuses.

CSx Via Mount

The CSx Via Mount accessory allows you to use the CSx Via with the SeeSnake Standard and Mini camera reels.

HQx Dock

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® HQx Dock is a tablet mounting device for convenient screen viewing while performing inspections with the HQx Live mobile app or SeeSnake HQ.

RIDGID CA-350 Adapter Instructions

How to install the CA-350 Adapter for using the RIDGID micro CA-350 for the RIDGID SeeSnake microReel, microDrain, or nanoReel systems.


Slip Ring Assembly Instructions for the RIDGID® SeeSnake® microDrain™, microReel™, and nanoReel™ systems.


The TiltSense inclinometer calculates the angle of the camera head, providing an indicating of the pitch of the pipe. Read more about using TiltSense here.

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