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WI-FI Troubleshooting for HQx Live when connecting to a

SeeSnake WI-FI equipped Monitor

This article describes things to try if you are having difficulty connecting a SeeSnake® CSx monitor to a mobile device on the HQx Live mobile app using WI-FI.


  • In order to view live media on your mobile device coming from a CSx monitor, they must be connected via WI-FI.
  • Make sure your your CSx monitor has the latest software. Learn How.
  • If needed, update the HQx Live software on your device from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Watch the YouTube video for WI-FI setup here: YouTube Video
  • It is normal for your mobile device to say “Connected, no Internet” when you’re connected to the CSx.
  • Go into your CSx monitor WI-FI settings and verify it is in host mode in order to connect to your device.
  • Turn the WI-FI off and then back on for both the computer/device and on the CSx monitor itself. You may have to do this a few times. There are many variables that can affect WI-FI performance, such as obstructions, structures, locations, other WI-FI, interference, etc.
  • Some CSx monitors have 802.11 WI-FI settings you can change to one of the 4 available combinations (5GHz or 2.4Ghz SISO or MIMO). Change those settings  to see if it makes a difference for your particular mobile device.
  • You may also want to move your device closer to the CSx monitor for best results.

NOTE: If you are attempting to use the Windows HQ software to stream live video to your computer/device instead of the Android or Apple HQx Live mobile app, please visit Streaming Video With The Windows HQ Software

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