HQx Live Text Overlay

In HQx Live, the text overlay feature allows you to add information about the job like the job address or customer name directly on top of the media. This allows for easy identification of images and videos. The text overlay entered in HQx Live is synced to and shown on your monitor simultaneously.

Note: A text overlay can only be added prior to capturing the image/video. 

  1. To begin creating a text overlay, select the right Quick Access menu.
  1. Next, select the pencil icon to open the text box.
  1. Type in your text and tap “Done”.
  1. Press and hold the text in order to drag and move the text around your screen.
  2. To edit or delete existing text, select the pencil icon again. Select the “X” in the top right corner to exit this mode.
  1. Any videos or photos captured will now include the text you entered.

Online Support

For support and additional information about using HQx Live, visit our HQx Live support page.

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