SeeSnake microREEL APX and CSx Via Kit Support

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® microREEL APX™ and CSx Via™ kit delivers an easy-to-use inspection system that is as compact as it is capable.

The microREEL APX is a TruSense® technology-enabled camera reel with a flexible push cable and a 25 mm [1 in] camera head, making it useful for navigating turns in a variety of pipes. The CSx Via is a “bring-your-own-screen” solution for plumbing inspections that easily installs onto the microREEL APX.

Once the CSx Via is installed, connect it to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you’re ready to perform inspections using the HQx Live app for iOS™ and Android™ devices or HQ Software for Windows®. Both tools allow you to stream, capture, and share inspection media right from your mobile device.


CSx Via + microREEL APX

CSx Via

microREEL APX & CSx Via 

APX Features

The microREEL APX is equipped with an auto image flip feature. When connected to a SeeSnake CSx series device, the mi­croREEL APX flips your onscreen image as the camera rotates through the pipe, ensur­ing your image remains oriented upright. An on-screen icon indicates the vertical orien­tation with respect to the image.

Learn more about APX.

Learn more about APX Auto Image Flip

TruSense Technology Description

The APX Via includes a TruSense technology-enabled camera. TruSense technology establishes a two-way commu­nication link between the camera head and a connected CSx series TruSense-capable mon­itor. TruSense features advanced on-cam­era sensors that convey valuable informa­tion about the in-pipe environment.

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Support Topics

APX Auto Image Flip

When connected to a SeeSnake CSx series device, APX reels flip your onscreen image as the camera rotates through the pipe, ensuring your image remains oriented upright.

Clamshell Kickstand Instructions

Follow these instructions to learn how to set up your kickstand for the RIDGID® SeeSnake® microDrain™, microReel™, and nanoReel™ systems.

Pan and Zoom on CSx Monitors

Panning and Zooming is a helpful way to highlight areas of interest within the image displayed on a CSx device.

SeeSnake APX

To enable APX features, your CSx TruSense® capable device will need to be running the latest software. View the instructions below for updating your monitor using the SeeSnake HQx Live app, SeeSnake HQ software, or manually via USB drive.

SeeSnake Pro

Introducing the new RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Pro, our smallest and most rugged self-leveling camera, equipped with TruSense® technology.

SeeSnake Tips & Tricks

Watch this video to learn tips and tricks on getting the most out of your SeeSnake camera reel during a pipe inspection.

Adding Inspector Information

How to save default inspector information to a RIDGID SeeSnake inspection monitor so you can quickly add it to reports.

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