SeeSnake microReel APX Support

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® microReel™ APX™ is a portable and customizable diagnostic camera reel with enhanced imaging fea­tures.

The stiffer push cable makes the microReel ideal for inspecting longer runs in pipes that are 38 mm to 102 mm [1.5 in to 4 in]. The included kickstand lets you set up the mi­croReel in the optimal position for stability while pushing or retrieving the cable.

The microReel features a built-in sonde in the camera head that can be located with a utility locating receiver to find points of inter­est in the pipe.

The microReel is compatible with all SeeSnake monitors. The CSx Via™ mobile inspection device easily connects to the mi­croReel APX via the slip-ring cavity.

APX Features


The microReel APX is equipped with an auto image flip feature. When connected to a SeeSnake CSx series device, the mi­croReel APX flips your onscreen image as the camera rotates through the pipe, ensur­ing your image remains oriented upright. An on-screen icon indicates the vertical orien­tation with respect to the image.

TruSense Technology Description


The microReel APX includes a TruSense technology-enabled camera. TruSense technology establishes a two-way commu­nication link between the camera head and a connected CSx series Wi-Fi enabled mon­itor. TruSense features advanced on-cam­era sensors that convey valuable informa­tion about the in-pipe environment.

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