SeeSnake Mini Pro Software Update

Introducing the new RIDGID SeeSnake Mini Pro, our smallest and most rugged self-leveling camera, equipped with TruSense® technology. This reel features Digital self-leveling to level your onscreen image, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging for superior imaging in the pipe, TiltSense® inclinometer for determining the pitch of the camera,  and Digital pan/zoom to easily focus on points of interest on the display. With these advanced features, the Mini Pro provides an unparalleled level of consistent accuracy and precision for all your pipe inspection needs.

Enabling Mini Pro Features

To enable all of the features included on your Mini Pro, your CSx TruSense® capable device will need to be running the latest software. View the instructions below for updating your monitor using the SeeSnake HQx Live app, SeeSnake HQ software, or manually via USB drive. Using the HQx Live app ensures you’ll always be able to keep your monitor up to date with over-the-air updating.

If you are using the SeeSnake CSx Via device, ensure you are running the latest version of the HQx Live app. Click here for instructions on updating HQx Live.

SeeSnake Mini Pro

Updating your Monitor

You can update your monitor’s software wirelessly with the HQx Live app, or manual download.

How to connect your Android or iOS device to HQx Live.

Clamshell Kickstand Instructions

Follow these instructions to learn how to set up your kickstand for the RIDGID® SeeSnake® microDrain™, microReel™, and nanoReel™ systems.

Introducing Digital Self-Leveling

Digital self-leveling is our latest advancement in pipe inspection technology. It offers the smoothest in-pipe leveling experience currently available in the industry.

Pan and Zoom on CSx Monitors

Panning and Zooming is a helpful way to highlight areas of interest within the image displayed on a CSx device.

RIDGID CA-350 Adapter Instructions

How to install the CA-350 Adapter for using the RIDGID micro CA-350 for the RIDGID SeeSnake microReel, microDrain, or nanoReel systems.

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