Installing your CSx Via

Note: Refer to the CSx Via Mount instructions for installing the CSx Via onto the SeeSnake Standard or Mini camera reels. 

  1. Remove the SeeSnake System Cable from the reel. Refer to your reel’s Operator’s Manual for instructions on removal. 
  2. Slide the battery into the CSx Via battery shoe.
  3. Remove the shipping cap from the CSx Via connector. 
  4. Align the arrow on the connector with the unlock symbol on the frame and insert the CSx Via into the slip-ring cavity. 
  5. Turn the CSx Via so that it locks into place. 

Notice: Do not touch the contact pins inside the slip-ring dial. Stressing the contact pins can cause them to break. 

Removal: To remove the CSx Via, turn it so that the arrow is aligned with the unlock symbol and pull straight out.