Direct Connect Mode for the ST-305R & ST-305

Direct Connect Mode is most commonly used when the target utility is readily accessible. Do not use Direct Connect Mode on energized(live) conductors. The transmitter is not designed to connect to live conductors.

  1. Choose connection locations for the ground stake and the target conductor. Place the transmitter, powered off, on the ground between these two locations.
  2. Insert the ground stake into the earth as far as possible. Wet the earth around the ground stake to improve grounding and to lower the resistance of the ground.
  3. With the ST-305R/ST-305 still powered off, attach the lead clip to the ground stake.
  4. At the target conductor, scrape away any dirt, paint, corrosion, or other coatings and attach the other cable lead clip with either the teeth or the magnet.

Grounding Stake Alternatives

ST-305R clamping on the ground

Instead of using the provided grounding stake, the lead clip can be attached to other objects such as a shovel blade or a metal rod sunk into the earth. Using larger grounding objects may improve grounding by increasing the surface area in contact with the earth.

Note: Always connect the lead to the ground stake before connecting another lead to the target line to direct any current within the target conductor away from the user.

Making Good Contact

ST-305R clamping on conductor

Good contact between the cable lead and the target conductor lowers the resistance of the circuit and produces a stronger tracing signal.

Note: Non-conductive pipes, such as those made of clay or plastic, cannot carry a tracing current without a trace wire. Plastic pipes typically have a trace wire installed with the pipe for tracing purposes. Clip the cable lead to the trace wire to enable tracing. 

Expanded Frequency Settings 

While in Direct Connect Mode, the transmitter can be used with high or dual frequencies.

  1. Long press (>3 seconds) the Frequency key to set the transmitter to high frequency.
  2. Short press the Frequency key   to cycle through dual frequency options or return to the high frequency. Expanded frequency options include:
    • 262 kHz or 93 kHz only.
    • 33 kHz and 1kHz dual frequency transmission.
    • 33 kHz and 8kHz dual frequency transmission.
      • The LED associated with each frequency is lit when that frequency is in use.
  3. Long press the Frequency key again to return to standard frequency options.

Note: High frequency is 93 kHz or 262 kHz depending on your region. Expanded frequency settings are only available in Direct Connect Mode.  

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