SeekTech ST-33QR Support

The RIDGID® SeekTech® ST‑33QR is a powerful, multi‑frequency transmitter that can be used in conjunction with a RIDGID SeekTech locator to find buried conductors such as pipes, cables, and wires.

The ST‑33QR can apply an active tracing signal to target a conductor using the following three modes:

  • Direct Connect — The leads on the ST‑33QR connect directly to the target conductor and a suitable ground.
  • Inductive Clamp — The optional inductive clamp encircles the target conductor which eliminates metal‑to‑metal contact.
  • Inductive — The ST‑33QR is placed over an in‑line conductor. The internal antenna will induce a signal to locate the target conductor.


In addition to a series of default frequencies, the ST‑33QR can also accept custom frequency settings up to 490 kHz.