About Autolog

This article describes the Autolog video feature for RIDGID® SeeSnake® inspection monitors.

What is Autolog Video?

Autolog video is a highly compressed inspection video. All SeeSnake monitors have the ability to capture Autolog videos. Autolog videos use a space saving frame rate, creating a much smaller file size than standard video.

Using Autolog

Press the Autolog key to start and stop an Autolog video recording. To pause and resume the recording, press the select key.

You can record Autolog and standard video simultaneously. When you’re recording an Autolog video, press the video key to start and stop an inspection, and vice versa. You can also capture photos or PhotoTalk media (select monitors) during an Autolog recording with the photo key.

Using Autolog to Quick Start an Inspection

Some SeeSnake monitors can use the Autolog key to quick start an inspection. When your monitor is off, pressing the Autolog key powers on the unit, creates a new job, and starts an Autolog video recording. This feature is available on the CS65x, CS6x, CS6x Pak, CS6x VersaCS65, CS6, and CS6Pak monitors.

Clamshell Kickstand Instructions

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Pan and Zoom on CSx Monitors

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