CSx Via Power States

Power States

The CSx Via has three power states: on, off, and Standby Mode, a low power state that turns off the camera and its LEDs to conserve energy. The CSx Via enters Standby Mode after a period of inactivity, or when closing the app or exiting live view. To wake up the CSx Via from Standby Mode, press the Power key or open the app’s live view. The CSx Via beeps to communicate different power states.

Power State Sounds

Power State Sound
Power on Single beep
Power off Long beep
Entering Standby Mode Two beeps
Wake up from Standby Mode Single beep

CSx Via

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® CSx Via™ is a flexible inspection solution that installs onto compatible RIDGID SeeSnake camera reels.

How to View the SeeSnake Camera Reel Odometer

The odometer lets you know the total cable distance pushed over the life of the RIDGID SeeSnake camera reel. This article lets you know how to access the odometer with a SeeSnake monitor.

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