Connecting your CSx Via to SeeSnake HQ


Before attempting to connect, ensure that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your device and that your CSx Via is installed and powered on. 

Connecting to SeeSnake HQ

  1. Open your device’s Wi-Fi settings. 
  2. Select CSx Via in the list of available connections that appears. 
  3. Open HQ and create a new job.  
  4. Under the Live Video tab, select Connections and choose CSx Via.
  5. Once connected, you can stream, capture, and share media with HQ.  

Wi-Fi Connectivity LEDs

Status LED
Wi-Fi booting Wi-Fi LED flashes rapidly
Wi-Fi ready Wi-Fi LED flashes steadily
Wi-Fi connected Wi-Fi LED solid

Online Support 

For support and additional information about using SeeSnake HQ, visit our support page.