To Record a Video

  • Press the Video Key to start recording a video. Press the Microphone Mute Key to record video without audio. To stop the Video recording, press the Video Key one more time.

To Take a Photo

  • To take a Photo press the Photo Key.

To Take a Photo and Add a Note

  • Press the Photo Tag Key. This will take a photo and open up the Issue tag and Note screen where you enter your note using the CS1000 keyboard. When you are done, press the Select Key to save the note.

To Take a Photo and Add an Issue Tag

  • The CS1000 has a built-in library of Issue Tags which can be attached to images to describe common conditions found during pipe inspections, such as cracks, root intrusions, collapsed pipes, etc. Notes and Issue Tags will appear, alongside the photos they describe, in reports you create for your customer.
  • Press the Photo Tag Key. When the Issue Tag and Note screen appears, use the left arrow to navigate to the Add Issue Tag button and press the Select Key to open up the Issue Tag Library. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the issue tag you want and then the Select Key to choose it. Press the Select Key to save the Issue Tag with the photo and exit the screen.

To Record an Autolog Video

  • Recording an Autolog Video is a great way to capture a highly compressed video of your entire inspection. An Autolog Video recording saves screen images at a lower frame rate than standard video, which results in a smaller file size. The smaller files make transferring and archiving your videos faster and easier. During an Autolog Video recording the audio will record continuously even at the reduced frame rate.
  • Press the Autolog Key once to start recording an Autolog Video. Press the Autolog Key a second time to stop the recording. You can capture additional photos and/or higher-quality video clips while recording an Autolog Video in the background by pressing the Photo Key, Photo Tag Key or the Video Key.