• When purchasing a new memory card for the CS1000, make sure it is an SD card in the SDHC format.

SD Card

  • Make sure the CS1000 power cord is not plugged in, there is no battery attached, and the power is off.
  • Open the front cover/sun hood and locate the square memory card cover on the bottom of the keyboard (in the middle) with 4 Phillips head screws.


  • Using a small Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the memory card cover and remove it.
  • The card is located on the right side of the square opening between the circuit board and the keyboard case.


  • The memory card is spring loaded. To remove it, gently push the card towards the right and let go.
  • You should hear a click and the card will release and move to the left a little.
  • Grasp the edges of the card and pull all the way to the left until the card can be pulled out towards you.
  • To put the card in, simply follow the instructions in reverse and make sure the memory card clicks into position (all the way to the right) and replace the memory card cover.

For further instructions, call SeeSnake Service/Repair at 858-244-6689.