SeeSnake Support:Home/How do I interpret the sounds and audio cues coming from my SeekTech SR-24?

In all modes, if the sound level reaches its maximum frequency range (pitch), it re-scales to the middle of its frequency range. The modulation of frequency is used to indicate signal strength.

Line Trace Modes

The SR‑24 emits sounds related to the estimated position of the utility. If the utility’s estimated position is on the left side of the receiver, you will hear a warbling sound. If the utility’s estimated position is on the right side of the receiver, you will hear the same warbling sound plus short clicks.

In Active Line Trace Mode and Passive Line Trace Mode, the SR‑24 emits a higher pitch as it approaches the target. The rising pitch indicates an increasingly strong Signal Strength.

When local conditions distort the shape of the signal field, the Tracing Line is fuzzy and the audio contains static. The degree of fuzziness and the amount of static in the audio reflect the amount of distortion detected in the signal field.

Sonde Mode

In Sonde Mode, the pitch rises and falls relative to changes in the Signal Strength. As the SR‑24 moves away from the Sonde, the pitch falls. As the SR‑24 moves closer to the Sonde, the pitch rises.