Controlling your Inspection Remotely

HQx Live lets you control a connected SeeSnake® Camera Reel without having to return to your CSx Monitor through the Reel Controls. To access the Reel Controls:

  1. Connect your CSx Monitor to a SeeSnake Camera Reel and pair the monitor to your mobile device.
  2. Open HQx Live.
  3. Tap the Reel Control key. The icons on the screen mirror the keypad on a CSx Monitor.

In addition to capturing media, you can perform the following functions from the Reel Controls screen:

 Enable and disable the sonde.

 Long press (>3 seconds) to set the system measurement to zero at the beginning of an inspection.

 Short press (<1 second) to take temporary segment measurements.

 Control the brightness of the LEDs in the camera.

 Enable and disable the microphone.

 Add a custom overlay

Modify settings, including connectivity, reel, camera, region, and more