Distributing Reports

HQ offers multiple ways to distribute reports: as a PDF that can be printed and emailed, as a webpage, or as a multimedia report for web or DVD distribution.

PDF Reports

When you’re ready to create a PDF of an inspection report, click the Export button under the Report tab and save the file as a PDF.

You can also click Email to send an email of the PDF straight from HQ. Click Print to print a copy of the PDF.


To create a webpage of the report, click the Export button and save the file as a webpage.

Multimedia Reports


  1. Click the DVD tab in the ribbon at the top.
  2. Insert a blank DVD-R into the computer’s DVD drive.
  3. Click Burn and select the DVD drive from the drop-down menu.

Digital Upload

Content in HQ can be uploaded to RIDGID­Connect, an online service for storing and sharing inspection media and reports. An account is required to use RIDGIDConnect features.

  1. Click the Upload tab in the ribbon at the top.
  2. Type in your RIDGIDConnect username and password under the ribbon.
  3. Select the Report Type drop-down menu to choose whether to upload a report or individual media captures.
  4. Fill in any additional information you want to enter.
  5. Click Upload and follow the prompt to verify your RIDGIDConnect credentials.

Visit www.RIDGIDconnect.com to learn more.