Icon Description
Wi-Fi connected.
Wi-Fi not connected.
Bluetooth enabled but not connected.
Bluetooth connected.
GPS signal locked. Icon flashes when acquiring satellite signal.
Sonde enabled and transmitting.
Microphone enabled.
Audio recording in progress.
Microphone disabled.
Battery power level. Blue outline indicates active power source.
Battery not detected.
AC power.
 Large capacity drive inserted. Safe to remove driveStar indicates drive is primary storage.
 USB drive inserted. Safe to remove drive.
Do not remove drive! Media writing to drive. Premature removal may result in data loss and corruption. Blue brackets indicate drive has processing priority.
Media transfer complete. Safe to remove drive.
Photo captured.
PhotoTalk media created.
Video recording.
Video recording paused.
Autolog recording.
Autolog video recording, motion detected.
Autolog video recording paused.
A job is open.