Troubleshooting your SR-24LE and SR-20

Read this article to learn how to troubleshoot the SR-24LE and SR-20 utility locating receivers.

Problem Probable Fault  Solution
SR-24LE locks up during use. Power off the SR-24LE and then power on.

Remove the batteries if the unit will not turn off.

Replace the batteries if low.

SR-24LE will not pick up a signal. Make sure the mode and frequency are correctly set.

Examine the transmitter connections and make necessary improvements.

Relocate the transmitter, change the grounding or frequency, modify the proximity threshold, or change the signal focus control settings.

While line tracing, lines jump around the screen in the mapping display. SR-24LE not receiving the signal or interference is present. Make sure the transmitter is well connected and grounded. Point the SR-24LE at either lead to ensure that adequate levels of current are flowing on the target line.

Use a higher frequency, connect to a different point on the line, or switch to Inductive Mode.

Determine and eliminate the source of distortion.

Make sure the batteries are fully charged.

While locating a Sonde, lines jump around the screen. Sonde batteries may be low or Sonde may be too far away. Make sure the batteries in the Sonde are fully charged.

Start the Sonde locate with the Sonde located closer or perform an area search.

Place the antenna close to the Sonde to verify the signal. Note that Sondes have difficulty emitting signals through cast iron and ductile iron lines.

Increase the proximity threshold and try lower settings of signal focus control to improve the focus on weaker signals.

Distance between the Sonde and either pole not equal. Sonde may be tilted or cast iron to plastic transition. Refer to the section of locating tilted Sondes.
Unit acts erratic and does not power off. Batteries may be low. Replace batteries.
Display appears completely dark or completely light when on. When the SR-24LE gets too hot, the LCD will darken. When it gets too cold, it will lighten. Power off the SR-24LE and then power on. Adjust the LCD contrast.
No sound is audible. Adjust the sound level. Verify that the Proximity Number is greater than zero.
The SR-24LE will not power on. Faulty batteries or blown fuse. Check the orientation of the batteries and that they are fully charged.
Make sure the battery contacts are not damaged.
Fuse is not user-replaceable, contact an Authorized Service Center.

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