SR-24LE and SR-20 Menu Selection

Read this article to learn how to select menu options on the SR-24LE and SR-20 utility locating receivers.

The instructions for selecting frequencies and activating inactive frequencies from the Main Menu are the same for Active Line Trace, Passive Power, Passive Radio Frequency Broadband, OmniSeek, and Sonde frequencies.

Units of Measurement

The SR-24 can display measured depth in meters (m) or feet (ft).

  1. To change the measurement units, open the Main Menu and press the Down Arrow Key to navigate to the Depth Units icon.
  2. Press the Select Key to toggle between Meter or Feet. Press the Menu Key to exit.

LCD Contrast

  1. To adjust the LCD contrast, open the Main Menu and press the Down Arrow Key .
  2. To navigate to the LCD Contrast icon press the Select Key to open the contrast adjustment screen.
  3. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to adjust the contrast.
  4. Press the Menu Key to save and exit
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