SeekTech ST-33Q+ Support

The RIDGID® SeekTech® ST-33Q+ is a powerful, multi‑frequency transmitter which can be used in conjunction with a RIDGID SeekTech locating receiver to find buried conductors such as pipes, cables, and wires.

Connect the ST-33Q+ to a RIDGID-SeekTech SR-24 using Bluetooth to remotely control the transmitter and view changes from the receiver. Cut the time it takes to locate facilities by syncing the ST-33Q+ with the SR-24 and removing the need to walk back and forth between devices.

The ST-33Q+ can apply an active tracing signal to target a conductor using the following three modes:

  • Direct Connect — The leads on the ST-33Q+ connect directly to the target conductor and a suitable ground.
  • Inductive Clamp — The optional inductive clamp encircles the target conductor which eliminates metal‑to‑metal contact.
  • Inductive — The ST-33Q+ is placed over an in‑line conductor. The internal antenna will induce a signal to locate the target conductor.

The ST-33Q+ is also compatible with HQ, the free inspection and locating software that you can use to update the software on the ST-33Q+, as well as your other RIDGID SeeSnake and SeekTech equipment.

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ST-33Q+ FAQs

Note: When the ST-33Q+ is powered on and in Direct Connect Mode, only hold the cable leads by the plas­tic sheathing. Do not touch the metal scraper tip, teeth, or magnet.

  1. With one cable lead attached to the ground stake and the other attached to the target conductor, press the Power key to power on the ST-33Q+.

 Upon start up, the ST-33Q+ measures the current flowing through the target conductor and beeps to indicate output. Faster beeps indicate a higher out­put current.

  1. Select a frequency by pressing the Frequency key until the desired frequency appears or press­ing and holding the Frequency key to show a list of available frequencies. Press the Up and Down Arrow keys to move through the list. When the desired frequency is highlighted, press the Select key to activate it.

Note: In addition to the default frequencies, the ST- 33Q+ can also accept custom frequency settings up to 490 kHz. See the section on adding custom frequencies in the Operator’s Manual for more de­tails.

  1. Follow the instructions in the receiver’s Operator’s Manual to power on and use the receiver. Ensure the frequency on the receiver matches the ST-33Q+. If the receiver signal increases when held near the ST-33Q+, it is correctly picking up the transmitted frequency.
  1. Adjust the current as needed during the locate by pressing the Up and Down Arrow keys on the ST-33Q+. In Direct Connect Mode, the ST-33Q+ in­creases the current as close to the following levels as possible:

25 mA

50 mA

100 mA (default)

200 mA

400 mA

  1. After completing the locate, press the Power key to power off the ST-33Q+.

Note: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, power off the ST-33Q+ before disconnecting the leads and remove the lead from the target conductor be­fore removing the lead from the ground stake.

Download the Operator’s Manual for the keypad and screen icon legends.

See the ST-33Q+ RIDGID Product Page for specifications.

The RIDGID SeekTech ST-33Q+ is a powerful, multi‑frequency transmitter which can be used in conjunction with a RIDGID-SeekTech receiver like the SeekTech SR-24. Featuring Bluetooth, the ST-33Q+ is the ideal transmitter for inducing current onto a target line. It can also direct connect using any frequency from 10Hz to 490kHz with power up to 10 Watts.

The ST-33Q+ also allows the flexibility of using D-Cell alkaline batteries or 18V rechargeable RIDGID batteries for minimal interruptions on the job.

The new Bluetooth feature on the ST-33Q+ allows you to finish complex locates faster by wirelessly changing the transmitted frequency from the SR-24 receiver from up to 200 yards away.

  • Distance – Induce over 8 times more current than traditional transmitters. More current means you can walk and trace further than ever before.
  • Versatility – Power options include Lithium-Ion 18 V rechargeable battery, six D-cell batteries, or an external 10-28 VDC power source.
  • Accuracy – Induce more current at lower frequencies. Lower frequencies are less prone to jump onto other lines in congested areas reducing distortion and increasing accuracy.
  • Speed – When used with a SR-24 Bluetooth®-enabled locator, you can control the ST-33Q+ settings wirelessly from the SR-24 reciever. Change transmitted frequency remotely from up to 200 yards away.

In addition to a series of default frequencies, the ST- 33Q+ can also accept custom frequency settings up to 490 kHz.

Please see the Operator’s Manual for more detailed information.

  1. Collect a screwdriver, USB cable, and a Windows computer with HQ installed.
  2. Power on the ST-33Q+.
  3. Connect the USB cable to your computer, open HQ, select Updates, select Update Software for Device, select the ST-33Q+, and click update.
  4. Use a screwdriver to remove the plate covering the USB connector.
  5. Connect the USB cable to your ST-33Q+.
  6. Click next to start copying the update.
  7. When the software is copied successfully, click next to continue.
  8. Disconnect the USB cable from your ST-33Q+.
  9. Remove all power sources, including any batteries located in the internal compartments.
  10. Reconnect the power source to the ST-33Q+.
  11. Power on the ST-33Q+.
  12. Connect the USB cable to your ST-33Q+
  13. Check to ensure update was completed successfully.
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