CS6x Versa, CS6xPak, and CS6x Keypad

Keypad Key Name Function
  Power Power on and off.
 Select/Pause Select highlighted items and apply changes. When recording standard video or Autolog video, press to pause and resume recording.
  Menu Open the menu to modify settings, including connectivity, reel, camera, region, and more. Press to exit out of tabs and screens.
  Photo/PhotoTalk Press to capture a photo or press and hold to create PhotoTalk media. Default key action can be swapped in the settings menu.
  Video Start and stop standard video recording.
  Autolog Start and stop Autolog video recording. Optionally press once to power on and start Autolog video recording simultaneously.
  Text Add and edit custom overlay text.
  Review Open the job review screen to review captured media, playback videos, add notes, enter customer and job location information, and preview the report for the open job.
  Job Manager Open the Job Manager to view the job list, create a new job, preview an existing job, enter company information, or delete jobs from the USB drive. Access storage and formatting options, and add default inspector contact information.
  LED Brightness Control the brightness of the LEDs in the camera.
  Zero Long press (>3 seconds) to set the system measurement to zero at the beginning of an inspection. Short press to take temporary segment measurements.
  Sonde Enable and disable the sonde.
  Microphone Mute Enable and disable the microphone.
 Image Flip Short press (3 seconds) to rotate the user interface 180 degrees.

TruSense Image Capture Settings

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Quick Access Menus

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