SeeSnake DVDPak Support

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® DVDPak is a robust, lightweight weather resistant camera monitor, control and recording unit for use with a SeeSnake pipe inspection system. Combined with the Sony Multi-Function Digital Video Disk Recorder (DVDR), the DVDPak can be used to monitor, record and store video in convenient DVD format.

The DVDPak is designed to easily connect with a SeeSnake camera reel to record the view from the camera. It can also be used with a SeeSnake pipe inspection system with a separate monitor, to record pipe inspection views to DVD. It provides readily accessible controls for using the Sony Multi-Function recorder, while protecting the recorder in a durable, easily portable case.

The 4.3” OLED or 5.7” LCD display of the DVDPak can be used as an inspection monitor independent of the recorder.

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