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Inductive Clamp Mode for the ST-305R

Read the Operator’s Manual for the Inductive Clamp before using it with the ST-305R. It includes important safety information and operating instructions.

ST-305R with clamp

Use the ST-305R with an inductive clamp by following these steps:

  1. Before connecting the inductive clamp, confirm that the target conductor is not live and grounded on both ends, and that the ST-305R is powered off. The ST-305R is not designed to be connected to live conductors.
  2. Insert the inductive clamp plug into the jack on the ST-305R below the keypad.
  3. Place the jaws of the inductive clamp around the target conductor, ensuring that they close completely. The LEDs on the clamp are lit when the jaws are closed and the ST-305R is powered on.
    ST-305R Clamped
  4. Press the Power key . The ST-305R automatically switches to Inductive Clamp Mode and disables the cable leads.
    • Note: In Inductive Clamp Mode, the ST-305R defaults to 50% power level to conserve battery power. 
  5. Select and set the same frequency on both the receiver and transmitter 
  6. Check the connections and adjust the current as needed during the locate.
  7. When finished, press the Power key to power off the ST-305R before disconnecting the inductive clamp.