SeekTech Inductive Clamp Support

The RIDGID® SeekTech® Inductive Clamp allows users to apply a signal to a cable or pipe that is 4″ or less in diameter when it is not possible to connect transmitter leads directly to the target conductor. When its jaws are closed around a cable or pipe, the clamp couples the transmitted signal onto the conductor by induction. Once the signal is applied to a conductor, it can be traced using a compatible receiver, such as the SeekTech SR-24, SR-20, SR-60, or NaviTrack Scout.

Any SeekTech or NaviTrack utility locating transmitter or comparable line transmitter* can be used as a power source. The transmitter must be jack-plug compatible. The clamp may be used with line transmitter frequencies of 8kHz to 262kHz.

*Comparable transmitters have a 10 watt or less maximum output power if frequency is under 45kHz, and a 1 watt maximum if above 45kHz.