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The RIDGID® SeekTech® ST-305R is compact yet powerful multi-frequency transmitter that can be used, in conjunction with a RIDGID SeekTech receiver, to find buried conductors such as pipes, cables, and wires. This allows the line’s location to be correctly marked so it can be exposed for repair or avoided during excavation.

The ST-305R can apply an active tracing signal to target a conductor using the following three methods:

  • Direct Connect – The leads connect directly to the target conductor and a suitable ground.
  • Inductive Clamp – The SeekTech Inductive Clamp accessory encircles the target conductor when metal-to-metal contact is not possible or unable to produce the desired result.
  • Inductive – The ST-305R is placed over a conductor. The internal antenna induces a signal on the target conductor.

The ST-305R can be powered by six C-cell batteries or an 18 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery for long-lasting power in the field.

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Image of the ST-305R transmitter

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