ATEX Mode on SeeSnake CSx Monitors

All RIDGID® SeeSnake® CSx monitors include an option to toggle ATEX mode within the Reel Options menu. ATEX mode limits the amount of current in the connected SeeSnake camera to 1.5 A. This feature is based on the EU ATEX directive for products used in explosive environments, such as sewers.

ATEX mode has no effect on camera operation and is on by default.

Click here to read more about the ATEX directive.

TruSense Image Capture Settings

Learn how to adjust the image capture settings on your SeeSnake CS65xr, CS6x Versa, CS12x, CS65x, CS6x, or CS6xPak monitors. Set the hue, brightness, contrast, and saturation of recorded media, and enable/disable automatic gain correction.

Video Playback

Learn how to play back recorded videos on SeeSnake CSx monitors.

Quick Access Menus

Learn how to use the Quick Access menus on SeeSnake CS65x, CS65xr, CS6x, CS6xPak, CS6x Versa and CS12x monitors for pipe inspections.

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