CountPlus Operating Instructions

Read this article to learn how to operate the CountPlus distance measuring device for the RIDGID® SeeSnake® Standard and Mini camera reels.

The CountPlus distance measuring device lets you control what information is displayed on the SeeSnake monitor screen and burned to recorded media. You can also use the CountPlus to start and stop temporary segment measurements and reset the system measurement to zero.

Display Options

 Text Slide: press to show/hide custom text slides.

 Date/Time: press to show the date, time, both, or neither.

 Count: press to show/hide the distance counter.

Setting the System to Zero

 Press and hold the Zero/Select key to set the system measurement to zero at the beginning of an inspection.

Temporary Segment Measurements

Temporary segment measurements allow you to count the distance from a local zero point during the inspection.

 Press the Zero/Select key to start and stop temporary segment measurements. The temporary segment measurement appears in brackets.

CountPlus Text Slides

Learn how to create, edit, and switch between text slides on the CountPlus distance measuring device.

CountPlus System Settings

Learn how to change the CountPlus system settings, including the time, date, reel and cable, and units of measurement.

Installing the CountPlus

Learn how to install the CountPlus counter accessory for SeeSnake Standard and Mini camera reels.

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