SeeSnake Compact M40 Support

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® Compact M40 with TruSense™ technology comes in the popular Compact form-factor, combining a small package and all-in-one monitor capability when used with the SeeSnake CS6x Versa monitor. The Compact M40 features a self-leveling camera at the end of a moderately stiff cable that offers a good compromise between stiffness and the ability to navigate through turns.

TruSense™ Technology

TruSense technology establishes a two-way communication link between the camera head and a connected SeeSnake CSx series TruSense capable monitor. With TruSense, advanced sensors on the camera head are able to convey valuable information about the in-pipe environment.

Included with the Compact M40:

  • TiltSense™ on-camera inclinometer – provides the camera’s degree of tilt and displays it on a SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitor
  • High dynamic range image sensor – expands the camera’s dynamic range, reducing blown-out areas and sections of the pipe that are too dark to see, offering superior clarity and detail

Click here to learn more about TruSense.

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Looking for the Compact C40 camera reel?

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