SeeSnake CS6Pak Software Revision History

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  • Added PhotoTalk support.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added infinite menu wrapping.
  • Added countdown to “Yes, repair” when fixing videos, default to yes.
  • No longer stopping all videos if a sync target device runs out of room.
  • Fixed bug that could lead to unrepairable videos if a sync target ran out of space.
  • Disabled allowing restoring system defaults while recording a video.
  • Now displays previous job size correctly in Create New Job dialog.
  • No longer attempts to update from a device that is being synced to.
  • Added ability to repair videos if a sync had to stop due to a full drive.
  • Fixed bug that would show ‘shutting down’ countdown twice if user pressed power during countdown, then cancelled with some other key.
  • Fixed bug that wouldn’t repair 2nd USB drive if both sync targets failed due to running out of space.
  • Fixed bug in setting time that would trigger ‘are you sure’ message even if time wasn’t changed.
  • No longer allows syncing to a USB with < 40M remaining.
  • Default for “Show unfinished syncs” is now “NO” with the “Ignore” checkbox checked.
  • Fixed bug where deleting jobs wouldn’t update the diskspace stats of the primary drive.
  • Fixed bug where large files (~3.9G) would not be deleted correctly.
  • Added support for HTML5 reports.
  • Fixed bug where a long note with no spaces would overflow the blue background where it’s shown in the report.
  • Fixed bug that could leave the Create New Job option visible after exiting the menu.
  • Fixed bug that would create a new job if the user exited the Create New Job option by selecting Settings.
  • Added multi-language support.
  • Added option to record date, time, and count information in video via Overlay Options.
  • Added a folder icon on the live video display when a job is open.
  • Close job option added in the Job menu.
  • Added support for deleting media from a job as well as excluding it from report.
  • Added the ability to set a default contact for new jobs.
  • Added the ability for users to cycle through date, time, and count display options.
  • Added Daylight Saving Time option to Date/time menu.
  • Added the ability to flip the interface vertically.

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