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The RIDGID® SeeSnake® CS6x Versa is the flexible, efficient solution for plumbing inspections. The CS6x Versa is a Wi-Fi enabled reporting device designed to mount to SeeSnake Compact reels, and can be used with any SeeSnake camera reel. The frame allows the monitor to be tilted to the optimal viewing angle, and a quick-release mount allows the monitor to be placed in a high or low viewing position to suit jobsite conditions.

Built for speed and efficiency, the CS6x Versa captures images and video directly to a USB drive. Professional multimedia reports are automatically created while you work, increasing your productivity and helping you move on to the next job.

Download HQx Live, the free iOS™ or Android™ companion app to use your mobile device as a second screen. Using the CS6x Versa’s built-in Wi-Fi, pair a smartphone or tablet to the CS6x Versa to provide uninterrupted, high-quality video streaming directly on the device, letting you show your customers the inspection in real-time. HQx Live also lets you capture media from a paired device.

What’s New — Version 2.20.42

Updates and Improvements

  • Improves speed when re-connecting to HQx Live on iOS devices by resolving an issue that would slow down Wi-Fi re-authentication time if taken out of range of the monitor.
  • Prevents the LCD display settings from changing video stream settings on HQx Live.
  • Fixes a bug that would shut down the CSx monitor if the camera lost power multiple times in quick succession.
  • Updates display settings to improve overall color and quality.

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