SeeSnake Mini Pipe Inspection System Support

The RIDGID® See­Snake® Mini Pipe Inspection System is a portable camera reel in the SeeSnake family of diagnostic systems.

The Mini reel is ideal for inspecting 38 to 203 mm [1.5 to 8 in] lines and comes with a 61 m [200 ft] push cable. The cable is reinforced with fiberglass and flexible enough to travel through sharp 90° bends, yet stiff enough to push the camera head long distances. A self-leveling camera head is also available to keep the image upright.

The Mini reel works with any SeeSnake monitor to record and distribute inspections. Connect the Mini reel to one of the SeeSnake CSx Wi-Fi enabled inspection monitors for even greater flexibility on the job, letting you use a smartphone or tablet to stream uninterrupted, high-quality inspection video directly on the device.

The included CountPlus counter accessory measures how far the camera has traveled inside the pipe. The water-resistant keypad lets you control the CountPlus’ functions, which include day, date, time, distance, and preset or custom text overlays. monitor.

SeeSnake Mini camera reel


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