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 Over-the-Air Updates for SeeSnake CSx Series Monitors – iOS

Software updates for RIDGID® SeeSnake® CSx series monitors can be downloaded through the HQx Live mobile app, giving you a convenient way to keep your monitor up-to-date. New updates become available when your mobile device is connected to the monitor’s Wi-Fi – no USB required.

Monitor Compatibility

Over-the-air updating with HQx Live is available for the following SeeSnake CSx series monitors.


New updates become available when your mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Open HQx Live and go to the Menu.
  2. Under Updates, find your monitor and tap to download the update.
  3. When the download has finished, connect your mobile device to the monitor’s Wi-Fi.
  4. The update transfers to your monitor automatically. Follow the prompts on the monitor to complete installation.

Note: The monitor must be running version 1409 or later for this feature to work. If you are running an earlier version, you will need to update the monitor’s software using HQ or by direct download. Visit our page on updating CSx software to learn more.

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