Free-form Drawings on HQx Live

Free-form drawings on live videos and images

Free form drawings on HQx Live allow you to circle, box, or point to observations or issues in an inspections. Utilize different color options and stroke sizes to distinguish different points of interest in your captures. You can may also undo or redo drawings one at a time or clear them from the screen. 

The drawing feature can be used to annotate images and videos. This is useful for drawing attention to a certain area in the image or video, such as circling problems, pointing out something while you’re narrating, etc. 

Drawing feature first example - arrow pointing to point of interest

HQx Live Drawing IconTo access the drawing feature, select the drawing icon.  Tap on the screen to draw on the image or video.

Drawing feature options:

Drawing Feature menu expanded
  1. Select the right arrow to collapse the menu.
  2. To open the menu again, select the left arrow.
  3. Drawing features are still usable while the menu is collapsed.

Drawing menu opening and collapsing example 

Tap and drag the slider to adjust the drawing line/stroke thickness.

Drawing slider example - thin line
Drawing annotation example - thicker line
  1. Select undo/redo to remove or re-insert annotations one at a time.  
  2. Select the trash can to delete all existing annotations  
  3. Select the dropper icon to change the color of the annotations.  
Drawing annotation color picker example

HQx Live Drawing IconTap the drawing icon again to close out the drawing feature.

Online Support

For support and additional information about using HQx Live, visit our support page.

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