SeeSnake nanoReel Support

The RIDGID® SeeSnake® nanoReel is a modern, portable SeeSnake diagnostic reel and camera that has the flexibility and adaptability to view small pipes, tubes, voids, and conduits. It contains a unique, removable cable drum which makes cleaning and replacing push cables convenient. Since the nanoReel comes with a removable system cable, it can be used with any SeeSnake camera control unit or with the hand-held micro CA‑350 or other RIDGID hand-held inspection camera.

The nanoReel uses an advanced push cable design and a proprietary small radius camera design which allows camera inspection through pipes with very small diameters, P‑traps, and very small radius bends which conventional inspection systems often cannot inspect.


Support Topics

RIDGID CA-350 Adapter Instructions

How to install the CA-350 Adapter for using the RIDGID micro CA-350 for the RIDGID SeeSnake microReel, microDrain, or nanoReel systems.

SeeSnake Tips & Tricks

Watch this video to learn tips and tricks on getting the most out of your SeeSnake camera reel during a pipe inspection.

Adding Inspector Information

How to save default inspector information to a RIDGID SeeSnake inspection monitor so you can quickly add it to reports.

About Autolog

Learn how to record Autolog video, a compressed video format that leaves you more room for additional media.

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