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SeeSnake CS65x Software Revision History

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Updates and Improvements

  • Adds compatibility with black and white SeeSnake cameras.

New Features

  • Improved Display Settings menu lets you control image brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and white points on the monitor’s display.

Updates and Improvements

  • Fixes an issue where intermittent video signal from the camera would cause the system measurement to reset.
  • UI updates.
  • Bug fixes.

Updates and Improvements

  • Adds support for new memory chip.

New Features

Updates and Improvements

  • An animation now plays when Lucid® battery firmware is being updated.
  • Updated translation support for job reports.
  • Version 1273 – 02/13/2018

  • Version 1180 – 03/10/2017

  • Added first-time setup dialog.
  • Updated translations and font support for various languages.
  • Improved temperature monitoring.
  • Added full time zone support.
  • Removed support for NTFS formatted drives.
  • Added support for Close job hotkey in the jobs menu.
  • Bug fixes.
  • UX improvements.
  • Added dialog asking for user preference on file naming.
  • Changed system to prompt user to delete jobs that have been backed up if disk space is low.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Constant-space video repair.
  • Improved shutdown.
  • Improved updater.
  • Supports multiple Bluetooth connections.
  • Defaults to HQx Live on Bluetooth.
  • Updated Cortex to v37.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Updated Cortex to v34, which adds new hardware support and improved keypad handling.
  • Z-order bug fixes.
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity.

Fixed DC power display bug.

First release using HQ to serve.

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