Capturing Media on the CS12x

This article describes how to capture photos, PhotoTalk media, standard video, and Autolog video on a SeeSnake® CS12x.

Insert a USB drive or external SSD with available space into either of the two USB ports to capture media and create reports. The monitor automatically generates a report of the job which includes captured media, company and customer information, and notes.

Media is saved to the open job as it is captured. Only one job can be open at a time. Jobs can be re-opened and added to later.

Storage Options

You can choose to set a drive as primary storage through the Job Manager. Click here to learn how


PhotoTalk media combines a still image together with audio commentary in a small, email friendly format for efficient sharing from the field.

Capturing Photos and Creating PhotoTalk Media

Press the Photo key to take a photo.  The Photo key responds differently to being pressed versus pressed and held. You can choose which action captures a photo and which creates PhotoTalk media. To change the default behavior press the Menu key, go to CS12x Settings, and select Photo key action.

Autolog Video

Autolog videos are made of continuous audio recording and variable frame rate compressed video.

The Autolog key can be used to quick-start an inspection. Press it when the system is off and it will power on the unit, create a new job, and start an Autolog video recording.

Recording Autolog Video

Press the Autolog key to start and stop recording Autolog video. Pause and resume Autolog video re-cording by pressing the Select key.

Recording Standard Video

Press the Video key to start and stop recording video. Pause and resume video recording by pressing the Select key.


Standard video and Autolog video can be recorded simultaneously and independently of each other. Both recording types can be started and stopped without affecting the other. Photos and PhotoTalk media can be taken during video and Autolog video recording.


The RIDGID® See­Snake® CS12x Wi-Fi enabled reporting monitor is the all-in-one solution for capturing media and delivering inspection results to your customers, all right from the job site.

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