How to Copy a Job on the SeeSnake CS12x

Read this article or watch the video below to learn how to copy an open job from the CS12x’s primary storage to an inserted SSD or USB drive on the RIDGID® SeeSnake® CS12x Wi-Fi enabled monitor.

Open jobs are saved automatically to an inserted drive if either is is set as primary storage. You can choose to copy an open job to another drive as well – for example, if you want to provide a customer with a USB containing the job.

Click here to learn how to change your primary storage.

How to Set the CS12x to Automatically Copy Jobs

You can choose whether to have the CS12x automatically copy open jobs to a second inserted drive or not.

  1.  Press the Job Manager key.
  2. Scroll down to Job Settings and press the Select key.
  3. Scroll down to Copy open job to available USB drives.
  4. Cycle through Always copy, Never copy, and Ask me. When Ask me is selected, you will be asked each time a new job is created if you want to copy the job to an available drive or not.

How to Manually Copy a Job

  1.  Press the Job Manager key.
  2. Open the job you want to copy in the Job List.
  3. Scroll down to USB Options and select the drive you want to copy the job to.
  4. When prompted, select Yes, copy.

To stop copying an open job onto the inserted drive, select Stop USB copy in USB Options. This will not stop jobs from being automatically saved onto primary storage.

Video Tutorial


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