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The RIDGID® SeeSnake® rM200 with TruSense® Technology is a versatile, ergonomic camera reel in the SeeSnake family of premier diagnostic systems.

The rM200 comes with your choice of drums from the D2 drum series, giving you on-the-job flexibility when the job demands a different push cable and camera combination.

The rM200 can be used with any SeeSnake monitor and is designed to dock with the CS12x and CS65xr, as well as with the CS6x Versa with the included Versa Hanger accessory for convenient transport, operation, and storage. Heavily tested for durability, the rM200’s case helps protect your push cable, prolonging the life of your equipment. Keeping the push cable enclosed when not in use also helps keep surfaces around and between your work areas clean.

TruSense® Technology Description

TruSense technology establishes a two-way communication link between the camera head and a connected CSx series TruSense capable monitor. TruSense features advanced on-camera sensors that convey valuable information about the in-pipe environment. Click here to read more about TruSense technology.

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SeeSnake rM200 D2A

The rM200A consists of the rM200 case with the D2A drum installed. A 61 m [200 ft] long, moderately stiff push cable makes the rM200A a versatile pipe inspection system. The rM200A is best suited for lines 38 mm – 101 mm [1.5 in – 4 in] in diameter. When used with a 125 mm [5 in] pipe guide the rM200A’s line capacity is 38 mm – 203 mm [1.5 in – 8 in]. Achievable push distance depends on pipe conditions. A FleXmitter® sonde is built into the rM200A’s spring. The sonde helps locate problems in the pipe.

SeeSnake rM200 D2B

The rM200B consists of the rM200 case with the D2B drum installed. The rM200B has a 50 m [165 ft] long, stiff push cable and a longer spring with a second, shorter spring nested inside. The dual, nested spring gives the rM200B the ability to easily navigate multiple turns and transitions while maintaining the stiffness necessary to push through them and go farther down long lines. The rM200B is best suited for lines 51 mm – 101 mm [2 in – 4 in] in diameter. When used with a 125 mm [5 in] pipe guide the rM200B’s line capacity is 51 mm – 203 mm [2 in – 8 in]. Achievable push distance depends on pipe conditions. A FleXmitter® sonde is built into the rM200B’s spring. The sonde helps locate problems in the pipe.


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The TiltSense inclinometer calculates the angle of the camera head, providing an indicating of the pitch of the pipe. Read more about using TiltSense here.

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